Bute Park: The Serenity Within the Chaos

Some walks are spontaneous and unplanned. Sometimes, you look out through the window from your office and realise what a lovely day it is. That’s exactly what happened today. It would be criminal to waste such good weather. We can feel tired and drained after a day at work or school, but we can always sleep later. Our beds aren’t going anywhere.

Bute Park is a hidden gem that’s right under our noses. It’s unbelievable to think such a beautiful piece of land can live in Wales’ busiest city.


I entered Bute Park during rush hour, which is hard to believe! It was so quiet and peaceful. One minute you’re walking through crowds, dodging other people, surrounded by the noise of traffic, and then suddenly… it all stops. It all drifts away in the background as you take your first few steps into this park of pure serenity. All of that chaos become blurrier and quieter before becoming completely silent. It’s replaced by the quiet rustling of trees and singing of birds.


So green. So very green. Everywhere. Huge vividly green trees aligning both side of the main concrete path. The sound of happy birds surround me. The odd squirrel rapidly runs across from one tree to another. A handful of people walk along the path, missing out on this experience because they’re glued to their phone. I guess that’s the down side of having such easy access to these wonderful places: we end up taking them for granted.

I remember my first time stepping into Bute Park. It was about 2 years ago, when I started studying at a university in the city. I was eager to discover, so I always tried to walk around aimlessly after classes. People who knew about my walking addiction told me of Bute Park but I kept putting it off, saying I don’t know where it is and I don’t want to get lost in this big, scary city.

I ended up accidentally going there one day; it’s easy to stumble across, as it’s just across the road from the high street. I was passing one of its gates, and just took a quick look in. That was enough to grab my attention. I regret waiting so long to experience this place.

Now, 2 years on, it hasn’t changed one bit, thankfully.


What’s really beautiful about this park is the fact that everyone is experiencing it and sharing it in harmony. Walkers, runners, cyclists, students, frisbee players, etc. are like parts in a clock. Each person is a cog in this free-flowing, yet strangely well-organised, ecosystem. We are both a community and individuals.

This harmony is also evident in the maintaining of the park. No litter or vandalism can be seen. No dog poop. The park is sufficient and exquisite with the help of its human visitors.

If you’d like to see a more detailed review of this beautiful place, I wrote one which you can read here.

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  1. Thanks for writing this. Bute Park is an amazing asset to the city. I walk across it twice a day to and from work. How lucky am I? I love seeing how the park changes with the seasons -the colours, the smells, the wild life. It’s my daily fix which I rely on to help me get through the day.

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