Twmbarlwm: Steep, Sneaky & Stubborn

Sadly, a mountain is defined by its height, rather than its difficulty. Twmbarlwm doesn’t make the cut, as it has only 419m of height, rather than the needed 609.6m to be a mountain. I believe Twmbarlwm should be given mountain status for its difficulty alone. It may be classed as a hill, but it’s one of the hardest hills you’ll ever hike.

Summit of Twmbarlwm.

There are many ways to get to Twmbarlwm. The best locations to start from are Newport (Route), Risca (Route), Cwmbran (Route) and Cwmcarn (Route).

Most people drive up through the lanes until they get to the car park and hike from there. But that’s not much of a hike at all. It’s simply a victory lap for what’s actually a pretty tough hike when you walk from the start of the lanes. If you want to get the most out of this hike, or any other hike for that matter, leave your car at home.

Through the lanes, leading to Twmbarlwm.

What’s interesting, and challenging, about Twmbarlwm is the inconsistency in its incline and decline. It’s all over the place, keeping you on your toes. The scenery is mixed too: sometimes you have an open view of the surrounding land and the coast. Other times you’ll find yourself closed in by big trees that rustle aggressively in the wind.

As you can see by the header image for this post, the hike is so worth it. Once you get to the top, the view is spectacular. The green green grass of home never gets old.

Sunset behind Twmbarlwm.

In conclusion, if you live near Twmbarlwm, it’s a nice hike that takes around 2 hours to summit. As you get higher and higher, there are some lovely Welsh views to enjoy, and Twmbarlwm has a nice level of difficulty for those who haven’t been hiking long.

If you don’t live nearby, it’s not worth travelling to. You can find better hikes nearer to where you are, I’m sure. Unless you’re running out of hikes near you and don’t mind travelling for whatever hikes you can get your hands on.

A friendly lamb who’s not scared of me.

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