Skirrid Fawr: Short but Stunning

Skirrid Fawr (or Ysgyryd Fawr’) is a fairly popular hike, located in the lanes of Abergavenny. It’s maintained by National Trust, so it’s an easy trail to follow, thanks to how well it’s signposted.

GPX of today’s hike.

At 486m high, this summit is higher than most other hills in South Wales. However, it’s also shorter than any other hike I’ve ever done. It took me just 34 minutes to peak it!

This is due to how steep it is. I don’t know the exact numbers, but to me, it felt like the angle of this trail was constantly 45 degrees. Afterwards, I felt a bit of pain in my ankle, which I blame purely on the angle of this hill.

To get a better idea of just how steep this hike was, take a look at my heart rate readings below!

BPM on the left. Minutes hiked at the bottom.


If you were to take your time on this route and really indulge yourself in the experience, it’s more like an hour upwards and an hour downwards.

If you’re waking from Abergavenny to Skirrid Fawr, you’ll be walking for over an hour through the lanes, with steady incline along the way. If you like the idea of this as a warm-up, then go for it. If you don’t, I advise driving to the start point. I can’t find any public transport that can get you there.


A farmhouse that can be seen from the lanes.


As short and steep as it is, Skirrid has some stunning views when you reach the top. They’re the sort of views that no photos can do justice. Beautiful, vibrant, green land surrounds you. You’re so high up, you feel you could touch the clouds.

A kind couple were having a picnic at the top, near the summit. They told me about how they got engaged not long before I turned up. How romantic it is to propose in front of such a beautiful view. I’m so glad I got there when I did to take photos of them and their dog in front of the view. They took a photo of me, too.


Me at the peak of Skirrid Fawr.


A convenient addition to this hike is a nearby local cafe, called The Copper Kettle. It’s not just coffee and cake they offer but also accommodation for those who want to really discover Abergavenny and all its outdoor adventures. The little huts they have are so cute! Their coffee wasn’t great but the cake was lovely.


The Copper Kettle cafe.


My conclusion for this one is pretty similar to what I said about Twmbarlwm. If you don’t live nearby, it’s not worth travelling to Skirrid Fawr just to peak it. It only takes 2 hours to complete, which isn’t a proper day out or adventure in my opinion.

If you live nearby or are planning to do more than one of the trails on offer, then it’s definitely worth adding Skirrid Fawr to the list.

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